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Anthony Battaglia, is the owner and developer of Palazzo di Bocce.

Mr. Battaglia retired in 1999 as chairman of commercial construction firm Cunningham-Limp, which he had co-owned since the late 1970s. He began his career learning the cement trade from his father, Pat Battaglia, who owned his own firm by the same name. He and a colleague opened Anthony Bennett Construction in 1976, which went on to purchase Cunningham-Limp.

Mr. Battaglia and his wife live in Oakland Township. They have four adult children and five grandchildren.

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Palazzo di Bocce combines an upscale atmosphere, fine Italian food, and the casual, social aspect of the sport of Bocce to provide a truly unique, reasonably priced Sports-Entertainment venue ideal for holding corporate and convention events, social gatherings, league play, and tourist entertainment.

palazzo building

The design of Palazzo di Bocce can be described as modernized Classic Italian. The exterior of building has an Italian flair, with huge arched windows, classic columns, stone facades, and an al fresco (patio) area that gives the approaching guest the feeling of "being in Italy" before they even enter the facility. Once inside, the guest feels Detroit has gone away, with an Italian Palazzo having taken its place.

At 32,000 square feet, the interior space simulates an Italian Palace (a Palazzo) Courtyard with imported tile and mosaic floors, soaring ceilings, and numerous large fountains. Furnishings and fixtures reflect the European tradition of fine woods, marble, and granite interspersed with several twenty-first century touches. Upon entering, guests are struck with awe by both the sheer vastness of the structure as well as the attention given to even the smallest details. Mahogany dominates the welcome desk lit by halogen lighting recessed in a gold leaf "halo" bearing Italian inscriptions.

The dining room rests under a vine covered arbor with massive custom bronze light fixtures with milk glass bocce themed shades providing a warm glow over the room in contrast with the crisp halogen spot lights providing task lighting. Seating is finished in upholstery embroidered in warm shades of green and gold to harmonize with the solid mahogany table tops and starched white linen napkin rolls. The center of the room is dominated by a bronze and mosaic fountain highlighted with handmade "sea creatures", providing a soothing backdrop to the dinner experience.

palazzo building

The 10 bocce courts, sunken 16" below floor level so as to be visible from the dining room, are finished in the finest synthetic court surface in the world. The three part epoxy resin surface on the courts provides level, quiet, consistent play and is suitable for world championship level competitions. The custom safety fencing reduces the chance of unintended ball flight (and injury) as well as controlling access to the courts. Each court is ADA approved, with access provided via portable alloy ramping. Lighting varies from daylight bright for competitive play (by vapor style gymnasium lights) to nightclub soft (by adjustable theatre spot and wash lights) for social events.

The Courtyard area, used primarily for special events, has the same finish materials and atmosphere as the dining area but possesses the ability to open to the weather in the warmer months. There is also a patio available off the courtyard for use by individual groups during their event for optional outdoor dining and relaxation. As a flexible use area, it contains separate bocce courts, it's own bar and restroom areas, and special separately zoned sound and AV capabilities to meet the needs of corporate and social meetings, events, and fund raisers.

palazzo building

The service style of the Palazzo is personalized to the individual guests needs: Full table service in the dining room featuring a professional, well trained, knowledgeable wait staff, Family-style luncheons or dinners for casual get-togethers, Courtside snacking served by court hosts, or Buffet service for larger groups. Full beverage service is also available for all guests, featuring fine domestic and imported wines and beers as well as name brand liquors, waters, and Coke brand soft drinks.

The restaurant has approximately 120 seats in the dining room and another 30 seats in the bar. Additionally, Palazzo di Bocce has banquet/event capacity for 200 guests for private functions.

The inclusiveness of bocce, combined with the exceptional value provided by Palazzo di Bocce, makes this a one-of-a-kind concept. The inclusiveness of bocce allows all members of a group to participate in the activity. Unlike golf outings, bocce can be played year round and the attendance is not limited to experienced players. The groups are also not spread out over several acres in groups of four; rather, they remain together for the duration of the event, enabling interaction between all attendees. Other participatory athletic outings may require overt physical exertion or be off limits to the disabled. Bocce can be enjoyed by one and all with little effort or experience. There is no advantage to being young or old, disabled or not, strong or frail; everyone is on an even plane. Combine this factor with reasonably priced, outstanding food and beverages served in a dazzling atmosphere and the experience is unequaled in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Palazzo di Bocce is open 7 days a week. The restaurant serves continuously during the lunch and dinner meal periods. Breakfast events are also available by prior booking.

The restaurant should be described as an upscale dining and entertainment establishment appealing to social, corporate, and tourist clientele of all ages. As stated before, bocce is all inclusive, appealing equally to the young "up and comer" professional, a group of friends/family, or the older person of leisure.

The atmosphere at lunch is quick, unique, and affordable, yet a step above the offerings of the average chain establishment.

palazzo building

The average length of the dining experience at lunch is 45 minutes to one hour, with special "lunch and bocce" packages offered daily that stretch the time to one and a half hours for those who desire.

The atmosphere for dinner varies from lunch by offering a more extensive menu of classic and new Italian fare. The dining experience at dinner is approximately 75 to 120 minutes in length with larger groups often requiring more time, expect before or after bocce play to take an additional 90 minutes.

Bocce lane rental is limited to 10 courts within the facility and groups are usually reserved back to back so we ask our guests to be prompt on arrival and departure times for court play so no one is inconvenienced.

Palazzo di Bocce is a truly unique experience and even though it is a corporate sized facility it is family owned and operated with personalized service and a family of regular guests that the staff all knows and loves. The goal here is not just value for the money but also to provide a warm family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.