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2015 World Bocce Championship

Information, photos and links from the competition

Team USA Results

For the first time in history Team USA lead by Jose Botto from Palazzo di Bocce brings home the silver medal in the finals of the world championship of bocce held in Rome, Italy. Previously the best ever placement for the United States was fourth place. Congratulation Jose.

Game One: USA 15 (WIN) - Germany 7

Game Two: USA 15 (WIN) - Peru 6

Game Three: USA 15 (WIN) - France 2

Game Four: USA 15 (WIN) - Poland 10

Game Five: USA 15 (WIN) - Lithuania 4

Game Six: USA 15 (WIN) - Brazil 1

Game Seven: USA 15 (WIN) - San Marino 9

Game Eight: USA 3 vs Switzerland 15 (WIN)

The competition was held in Rome, Italy and hosted by the Federation of International Bowls or (Federazione Italiana Bocce in Italian) United States champions Jose Botto and Navina Bernardi, both representing the USA in the World Bocce Championships made it into the final four for the men’s and women’s division. Jose finished second place and Navina finished fourth.

Competition involved the best players in the world  traveling from 32 countries to compete in this years’ competition with the players competing for almost a week.

The Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale or International Confederation of Bocce in English lists all the details and statistics for the tournament at

2015 World Bocce Championship Information

Federal Technical Center - Italian Bocce Federation

Federazione Italiana Bocce

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